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Next Level Pancakes

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But rather than the old lemon and sugar concoction, why not try one of these rather more dynamic ideas.

The £800 Pancake6fd357d0-b5e4-11e4-a16d-0b751b8df2ab_mosWorld's Most Expensive Pancake at £800 which contains pink champagne, lobster, truffles and caviar (REX)
A squeeze of lemon and a pinch of sugar just wasn’t enough for head chef Matthew Downes, from the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel’s Opus One restaurant in Manchester. He created a very special pancake last year that contained just about every super-expensive ingredient you could think of.

There’s lobster, truffles and caviar in there and a hollandaise sauce made with Dom Perignon champagne served alongside. And it cost £800 *faints*. Manchester Evening News editor Dianne Bourne got to taste the pancake, saying it was “pretty impressive” but adding “it’s a shame it’s so expensive, because… the actual idea of it is really good.” 

Oreo Pancakes8cd3a8d0-b5e4-11e4-a16d-0b751b8df2ab_OreOreo Pancakes - She Wears Many Hats
It seems that our favourite monochrome biscuit can be used in just about every sweet recipe there is - brownies, cupcakes, truffles, milkshakes - and now pancakes. These Oreo Pancakes were made by Amy from the blog She Wears Many Hats. They’re easy to make, too. Head on over to her website for the recipe. 

Macaroni Cheese Pancakes9ca77a70-b5e4-11e4-b288-636506cb6c8a_MacMac and Cheese Pancakes - The Blonde Buckeye
Probably not a combination you’d immediately think of whipping up, but according to Emily, from the blog The Blonde Buckeye, these Mac and Cheese Pancakes are really, really good.

But there’s a special technique to frying them, which “makes the outside layer of cheese all crusty (like the edges of a grilled cheese sandwich), but the inside, underneath the crusty layer, is like gooey mac and cheese – but in a pancake.” We got it, Emily. Sounds lush.

The 87.4cm Tall Pancake Stack2c25f1e0-b5e5-11e4-8fd9-7d84b42502e1_panThe world's tallest pancake stack in 2014 (REX)
At almost a metre high, this impressive stack beat the World Record for the Tallest Stack of Pancakes in October 2014 in Time Square, New York. It measured 87.4cm tall and was created by the team at US TV show On The Menu.

Unfortunately, just two weeks later, the record was broken at Efteling Theme Park in the Netherlands, by a stack that measured 91.2cm. The good news? The entire stack from Times Square was donated to a soup kitchen after being verified.

The Pancake Burger6962fa30-b5e5-11e4-8fd9-7d84b42502e1_PanPancake Burger - The Food in My Beard
Over to Dan, at the blog The Food in My Beard for this genius twist: using a pancake as a burger bun. Just make the pancakes, fry a burger and some onions and top with cheese and a fried egg.

“Not exactly the quazi healthy lunch I was originally thinking of that morning,” Dan writes, “but when you get an idea this good and a craving this strong, you have to run with it!” Hungry yet? Check out the recipe for the Pancake Burger over at Dan’s blog. And make us one, while you’re at it.

Brownie Batter Pancakes3a796fa0-b5e6-11e4-be0a-e716cca8d5c2_BroBrownie Batter Pancakes - Something Swanky
We all love brownies and we love pancakes too, so it was only a matter of time before someone invented a mash up of these two put together. Ashton from the blog Something Swanky has combined the two to make these Brownie Batter Pancakes. And she’s topped it with a chocolate sauce, whipped cream and some sprinkles. As you do.

Triple Chocolate Vegan and Gluten Free Pancakes4e5f3520-b5e8-11e4-92ae-3ba32f27a014_ChoChocolate Pancakes Vegan and Gluten Free - Allyson Kramer
No one prepared us for this: oozy, indulgent Triple Chocolate Vegan and Gluten Free Pancakes. There’s cocoa in the pancake batter, along with chocolate chips - and then a dairy-free chocolate ganache to drizzle all over once they’re cooked.

They’re the creation of Allyson Kramer and they look delish. “But, fair warning,” she writes. “Eat these for dessert, not first thing in the morning. Unless you are some sort of hardcore chocolate devotee (in which I enthusiastically applaud you), you won’t find these very appealing with a glass of OJ.” Dessert it is, then. 

Birthday Cake Pancakes79545e90-b5e8-11e4-92ae-3ba32f27a014_CakCake Batter Pancakes - How Sweet It Is



If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating a birthday AND Shrove Tuesday this week (or even if you're not) then how about whipping up a batch of these? Jessica from How Sweet It Is came up with these Cake Batter Pancakes (which actually contain cake batter and sprinkles). She’s finished it off with a runny icing. Dot with a few candles and you’re done. 

Come on then, have you ever fried pasta in a pancake? What are your favourite pancake recipes and toppings?




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My appetite just went down :/

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the first pick looks like someone's brain :|


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