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Recent U.S. elections

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    le hipster

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Whooping for Obamanites!


Anyone up for debate on it.


To me it only come down to one thing: "failure to deliver"


As it's once well said in newsroom: "You know why people don't like liberals...because they lose. If liberals are so f**in smart, how come they lose so goddamn always?"


The undoing of Bush that was so vociferously promised, well that never happened actually. And no it's not Fox News's fault it's fault of administration. Now we are sending more troops in Iraq, the same that we promised to pulled out.


Muslims buy their rhetoric, minorities buy their political propaganda, but at the end of the day they don't deliver. That's just so unfortunate. Not saying other side is bed of roses, and that's not the focus and there is no point talking about them. But it must be accepted by enlarge now that Obama's tenure has been a failure for America. Yeah, you got a Nobel out of it....so cheers for that!

"But the thing about Ronaldo... Ronaldo could play for Millwall, QPR, Doncaster Rovers or anyone and he'd score a hat-trick. I'm not sure Messi could do it." - Sir Alex Ferguson




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It seems like the democrats weren't running on any sort of platform in this midterm election. They couldn't really use the improving unemployment numbers, everyone is aware of where most of the money went in the 6 years of recession. There is greater income inequality today than in 2008. They haven't simplified the tax code in any way, and of course, Obamacare is a complete sham. And they won't take a stance on the drug war either. So, no wonder they lost! 




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Very good article that aptly describes what happened to the democrats. Here a few excerpts from the article


The Democrats' Political Suicide

Michael Brenner Become a fan 

Senior Fellow, the Center for Transatlantic Relations; Professor of International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh



One, alienate your core constituencies. That includes reneging on a pledge to help the trade unions; launch a campaign of vilification against school teachers -- from kindergarten through college; attack civil liberties protections; commit to reductions in Social Security and Medicare; stiff the environmentalists. In short, do to them in a calculated way what a Republican president would do instinctively.


Two, curry favor with your party's traditional enemies: Wall Street, Big Pharma, the Christian Right, the energy and industrial agriculture trusts. That has the dual effect of blunting your message and blurring your image while emboldening the objects of your favors to demand even more.


Three, permit the Republicans in Congress to exploit to the fullest their irresponsible tactics by never denouncing them for what they are or moving to challenge them on their own electoral turf. As a corollary, go along with the coy designation of the Tea Party controlled radical reactionary Republican Party as self-styled "conservatives."


Four, enable the Republicans to shape public discourse by monopolizing the airways and media. Democratic silence, timidity, defensiveness and evasion have given the Republicans the free run of the playing field. On this score, the party's leadership has been abject -- the president above all. Endless visits to daytime TV shows to schmooze about nothing in particular undercut respect for the presidency, neutralize the advantage of the incumbency and motivate the public to tune out or denigrate important messages. Mr. Obama seems oblivious to the obvious truth that most of the country stopped paying attention to what he says years ago.


READ MOREhttp://www.huffingto..._b_6133762.html




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nice sharing amazing one keep sharing really appreciated


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